Alfajores: how and when to eat them?

Alfajores, alfajores, alfajores. The word itself is delicious, isn't it? 

Alfajores are one of the most popular South American snacks. They're a kind of cookie sandwich, with dulce de leche in the middle and covered in milk chocolate, white chocolate, or meringue.

But when do people eat alfajores? Is it a snack? A dessert? A gift?

Nunca le regales un alfajor a los gringos": la anécdota viral de un usuario  que viajó Estados Unidos

Alfajores: the perfect snack

Alfajores were actually created to be a snack, and they're most known as that, snacks. Alfajores is something you can have in the morning after breakfast and before lunch. Or you can have it for your "merienda", a small meal before dinner.

If you go to a kiosk or to a supermarket in Argentina, for example, you'll see them displayed next to the crisps or salad snacks, because alfajores are just another snack! 

The main difference between alfajores and the other snacks is that alfajores are sweet. And better, maybe?

In the UK people may buy a bag of crisps or a sandwich to have on the go, but in some countries in South America, people would buy an alfajor for the same occasion.

In this case, people might go for a non-expensive one, we can call it an "everyday alfajor". Something like Alfajores Mardel for example.

Alfajores are an ideal gift

One of the most popular souvenirs in Argentina are alfajores. Whenever you travel to another town or province, they might ask you to bring some alfajores back with you. 

Not only because some of the provinces have different types of alfajores, but also because they're considered a nice and personal gift.

If you want to give someone a present for Christmas or for a special day and you don't know why, a box of alfajores will do.

They will your friend of relative some happiness, because they do taste amazing! If that special one is from South America, they'll love to eat something from their homeland. And if that person is from any other part of the world, you'll make them discover a new product and taste that they'll definitely love.

For these occasions, people tend to go for a more luxury product, one that also comes with a nice box and packaging. And it's much better is it's an assorted box, so people can try different flavours. 

Something like this box of 12 Mixed Luxury Havanna Alfajores is a really nice gift, for example.

Alfajores are a great dessert 

After you've had your meal, you feel like having something sweet, don't you? If you're looking for something not that expensive, not that big (so you don't go soooo unhealthy) and something really delicious, alfajores are a really good option.

They do taste good, and they are perfect as individual portions. You can have one every now and then after dinner or lunch and that will definitely do as a dessert. You can also carry it with you anywhere you go!

For these occasions, you want to go for something top quality but a little bit more personal. Something like a box of 6 mixed Luxury Havanna Alfajores will do.

So now that you know that alfajores are perfect for every single occasion, what are you waiting to get yours?

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