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  • How to make a Chocotorta? The easiest and delicious dessert there is

    Do you have a dinner and you don't what to bring? Someone coming over and nothing to offer them? Doesn't matter if it's an adult's meeting or a ch...
  • What exactly is Dulce de Leche and how can I have it?

    Basically, dulce de leche is the most popular sweet spread in South America. But you want to know what exactly it is, why is it so delicious and w...
  • Alfajores: how and when to eat them?

    Alfajores, alfajores, alfajores. The word itself is delicious, isn't it? But when do people eat alfajores? Is it a snack? A dessert? A gift? Here are some ideas.
  • 5 reasons why yerba mate is good for your health

    Yerba Mate contains nutrients, antioxidants and caffeine. It will also help you keep sugar levels low and stay awake. Here are 5 reasons why it's good for you.
  • What does mate mean to people?

    Why is the yerba mate drink so popular in Argentina and Uruguay? Why do they share it when they drink? Mate means a lot to South American people, it's something you share with friends and beloved ones.