How to make a Chocotorta? The easiest and delicious dessert there is

Do you have a dinner and you don't what to bring? Someone coming over and nothing to offer them? Doesn't matter if it's an adult's meeting or a children's party, Chocotorta is always the answer: easy, quick and delicious. 

Chocotorta recipe

This one varies a little bit from the original one, which includes cream cheese, as this is only with cream. But still as good!

Ingredientes for a half-size tray

400gr dulce de leche like this one
400gr whole cream
750gr chocolate cookies like this one (4 or 5 packets of Chocolinas x 170 grs.)
A little bit of milk or coffee
50gr semi-bitter chocolate (optional)
50gr cocoa powder (optional)

First, we create a mousse, mixing the dulce de leche with the cream, as it'll give us a more smooth and aired chocotorta. If you're using a blender, use it in its lowest point.

Let it rest, and while you do that, moisten the cookies and put them on a tray, forming a layer. Do one layer of cookies, then add the mousse, then another layer of cookies and so on, 4 times, or until you run out of ingredients.

Leave it in the fridge for 1 hour so it gets more solid

At the end, if you want, to can add the cocoa powder and grated chocolate on top. Now, time to enjoy!


Where can I get the ingredients?

Most of them you can just buy at the supermarket, but with the chocolate cookies and the dulce de leche is where you need to have it right. Chocolinas is the most famous brand for it.

And we've prepared two combos for you to choose from: one with dulce de leche repostero (a little bit harder) and another one with the classic one. Which one will you choose?


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