The best way to get to know what an alfajor is is by trying one. It's hard to describe with words, but I'll try...

Alfajores are something sweet which can be a dessert or a snack, and they're really really popular in South America. They're made of two "soft" cookies that will melt in your mouth filled with dulce de leche, forming like a sandwich.

One of the variables is that, instead of milk chocolate, the cookies are covered with meringue. But the dulce de leche has to be there!



According to this article in the Huffington Post, “the best cookie you’ve never heard of”. They're not exaggerating. 

Corn starch, butter, and flour. Those are the ingredients for the cookie part of an alfajor, so you can imagine how tasty and soft it is.

You can have is at a snack on your way to work, have one after dinner as a treat or you can even buy a box with a nice presentation and make it a nice gift for someone special.

At least in Argentina, it's really normal for people to have one a couple of times a week, if not everyday. You can find them at any shop or even at bakeries, baked in a more home-made style. 

What are you waiting to get yours?