Piporé Yerba Mate 1Kg

Piporé Yerba Mate 1Kg

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Yerba Maté Piporé Tradicional is an authentic Yerba Maté with a natural flavor.
Its medium grind gives it a very good balance of leaves, sticks and powder.

Its intense traditional flavors that last throughout its tasting are due to the high quality of the raw materials. In fact, for the aromas to be long-lasting and homogeneous, the leaves are parked for 18 months so that the aromas develop slowly and naturally.

The Santo Pipó cooperative has been producing Yerba Maté since 1930. Created by Swiss immigrants with a degree in engineering, the Piporé brand has been able to develop innovative techniques in its field to efficiently manufacture high quality products.

In the local indigenous language, Guarani, "Pi" means foot, "Po" means hands and "Ré" means footprint. Piporé therefore means the footprints and handprints of the holy chief.

Piporé is today one of the 10 largest yerba mate producers in Argentina and one of the 3 largest exporters in the world.

With the traditional Yerba Maté Piporé you can enjoy the benefits of mate and the typical flavor of this infusion..

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