What exactly is Dulce de Leche and how can I have it?

Basically, dulce de leche is the most popular sweet spread in South America. But you want to know what exactly it is, why is it so delicious and what can you have it with. And of course, this is the best place to buy Dulce de Leche in the UK!

So, what is it?

Dulce de leche is a spread made with milk, sugar and vanilla extract. After the process of caramelizing milk and adding the other two ingredients, you get this tasty, soft and brown-ish spread. 

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Of course there are some variations, like it happens with every food: more or less sweet, softer or harder, darker or lighter. These variations exists for two reasons. First, for the personal taste of people. And second, it might be better for it to be harder or softer depending on how we're going to use it. But we'll get into that later...

It is really popular in South American, mainly in Argentina and Uruguay. It is also popular in other countries under different names, like "arequipe" in Colombia or "cajeta" in Mexico. Although its origin is not 100% clear, there's a strong bilief that it was created in South America.

How to eat dulce de leche?

Let's be clear: dulce de leche is delicious on its own. A couple of tea spoons as dessert is really, really tasty. But there are many ways to make it a great match for different foods. Here are some examples.

Toasts: spread some dulce de leche on your toasts for breakfast or as a snack. It's simple and delicious.

Ice cream: add some dulce de leche to your ice creams as if you were adding chocolate spread and make it miles better!

Waffles or pancakes: Again, dulce de leche can be a perfect match for your waffles, pancakes or any kind of pastry. 

Cakes: fill your cakes with dulce de leche and take them to the next level.

Alfajores: remember, alfajores are filled with dulce de leche and are one of the main ingredients on this delicious snack. If you want to know more about alfajores, read this article.

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Some people would choose a normal flask of dulce de leche, but if you want to use it for some of the ideas we mentioned aboved, what about going for this dulce de leche squeeze bottle? Easy and clean



Which Dulce de Leche should I buy?

If you want to buy Dulce de Leche in the UK, we can help you. Gettin your flask of dulce de leche in London, Liverpool or Leeds have never been easier.

First thing to know: there're several brands, and each of them have their disctintive taste, colour and texture.

For example, Dulce de Leche Havanna is one of our top-selling brand. This premium quality product offers you a great sweet taste and its texture is not that soft but not that hard either.



 On the other hand, Dulce de Leche San Ignacio is a little bit darker, and it offers a stronger taste. It is a little bit harder on the texture. Again, this is one of the most popular brands we've got!



Some brands, like Mardel, have both a regular and a premium line of dulce de leche. On the premium or gourmet one, they use better ingredients and a more accurate and desired amount to get to a better and more high-end result. 



Every brand has their own characteristics, so it's up to you to tell which one you prefer. But beleive us when we say that it doesn't matter which brand you get, you'll definitely love Dulce de Leche!

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